The most beautiful villas in Roquebrune Cap-Martin

If there is a city that embodies the soul and imagination of the Côte d'Azur, it is undoubtedly the city of Roquebrune Cap-Martin. An incredible city perched on the mountainside and dominates among other things, the Mediterranean Sea and the tiny city-state of Monaco. Here the beautiful houses are legion even if it is never easy to be able to admire them.

On the price side, the villas are trading between 800,000 and 100 million euros. In other words, this luxury real estate market is not for everyone. It must be said that between Menton and Monaco there is very little land available.


Villa l'Aiglon


This splendid residence extends over nearly 700 square meters of living space and 2700 square meters of land. The villa l'Aiglon is a splendid residence perched in the heights of the Côte d'Azur and which completely dominates the surroundings. In the distance you can see the imposing buildings of the Monegasque city-state.

This house, which would have been estimated at some 39 million euros, has no less than 30 rooms spread over five levels, including ten bedrooms.

Historically this mansion belonged to the former mayor of Beausoleil. A certain Camille Blanc who had this house built in 1891 by the architect Henri Schmit. A very prominent architect of the late nineteenth century and whose portrait we paint a little further down in this same article.

Although the surroundings of Villa de l'Aiglon are very urbanized, it remains one of the most beautiful villas in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin. But it is also an essential building of the architectural heritage of the Alpes-Maritimes.


The Modern Cape and its futuristic villas


Between 1920 and 1950 various local, national and even international personalities settled on this small corner of the coast isolated from everything. From this appropriation of the coast will be born a rather extraordinary architectural ensemble that will be nicknamed soberly "Cap Moderne".


Villa E-1027 (modern cape)


Even if this exceptional property bears the name of a sweetener, it is indeed one of the most remarkable and noticed buildings of this tiny stretch of coast of the French Riviera. This villa dates from 1929 and we owe it to the architect Jean Badovici and the decorator and designer Eileen Gray. It is therefore here that "modernity by the sea" will be celebrated for the first time.

The only advantage of this villa is the fact that it can be visited as a museum. Moreover you have to pay 18 euros to discover the villa E-1027. A historic place, centenary and now iconic in the small world of urban planners and other fans of architecture.

We owe part of the magic of this villa to its decorator Eileen Gray. A talented woman designer who believed that everything should remain free and independent. Consequently it organized a coherent and tailor-made set composed of both fixed and mobile furniture. With of course a special care for every detail. A way also to facilitate and brighten the life of the inhabitants of this villa with futuristic accents.


Le Corbusier's shed (Cap Moderne)


It is undoubtedly one of the smallest houses on the French Riviera. But also one of the most unusual. Le Corbusier, one of the greatest French architects of the twentieth century had drawn the plans of a very small hut that he built on the land of a restorer and friend of Roquebrune. Generally the shed can be visited just after the discovery of the villa E1027.

This small construction is not for sale but it is unusual and picturesque enough not to be mentioned here.


The estate of Cap Martin


Villa Poulido, one of the most beautiful villas in Roquebrune Cap-Martin


Located close to the semaphore of Cap Martin, this splendid residence faces the Principality of Monaco and obviously enjoys a panoramic and breathtaking view of the sea. The Villa Poulido bears witness to a bygone era that of the Belle Époque. As a reminder, the Belle Époque style uses many ornaments to express a certain opulence that will later be interpreted as a certain form of carelessness. This period of peace and splendour began around 1871 and ended in 1914 with the beginning of the First World War.

We also owe this splendid villa of the late nineteenth century to a certain Henri Schmit. A man who was at the same time decorator, architect and master builder. Born in 1851 to Dutch parents, this talented architect marked his time. We owe him among others the Café de Paris in Monaco (1868), the Hotel Godbert in Reims - his hometown (1875). But also the Monte-Carlo Opera in Monaco and some emblematic buildings in Troyes in the Aube (Caisse d'Épargne de Troyes, Jorry Prieur department stores and the municipal circus of Troyes). He would also have made some corrections to the Opera Garnier.

The architect of Villa Poulido, Henri Schmit, was also the managing director of the prestigious Société des Bains de Mer de Monaco (SBM).

The discovery of this villa in Cap Martin thus makes it possible to trace links between real estate projects and to understand the historical importance of this beautiful house. Villa Poulido and its four-hectare park were unfortunately divided into lots by a real estate developer in the 1950s.

An admirable park that had also received the title of most beautiful garden on the Côte d'Azur in 1905.

As a reminder, the plateau of Cap Martin (or private domain of Cap Martin) was for a long time one of the hunting estates of the princely family of Monaco. And then with the advent of tourism towards the end of the nineteenth century was created the domain of Cap-Martin. A closed and secure subdivision that has been home to a good number of legendary villas since 1889 that discreet owners buy or sell depending on the health of their business or the news of the moment.


La villa Saint-Tryphon


We owe this exceptional residence of the domain of Cap Martin to a certain Albert Kahn. Between the very end of the nineteenth century and 1925 he acquired 130,000 square meters of land on the Cape plateau. His property then extends over three properties. This Parisian banker who made his fortune thanks to the gold and diamond mines in South Africa therefore simultaneously owned the Villa Miramar, the Villa Dunure and the Villa Zamir. These three villas were then nicknamed "Khan Villas". But the crisis of 1929 sounded the death knell of a prosperous period and forced the banker Albert Khan to sell this exceptional complex.

The one we call today the villa Tryphon is none other than the villa Dunure. A mansion that was offered for sale in 2023 for some 55 million euros.

For this price you can benefit from a living area of 800 square meters and a park of about 11,000 square meters. All located in an idyllic place that is difficult to imagine from the road.


The cliffside villas of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin


Located on the hillside, these discreet prestigious villas are almost invisible. Indeed, they were built on rough terrain and sometimes discreetly enlarged over time. This means that they are naturally protected and generally remain invisible from the road. Another important point for all these beautiful homes the most important is not necessarily the architecture that can sometimes seem ordinary but rather the breathtaking view of the sea and the refined and sober design of the place. These prestigious dwellings necessarily offer large volumes to their inhabitants and an Olympian calm when they are located far enough from the road.

As you will have understood, all the villas that are located on one of the three cornices (low, medium and high corniche) of Roquebrune are architectural treasures, with panoramic and sometimes even picturesque views. We can say without question, that luxury real estate is indeed located here, on this discreet stretch of coast of the Alpes Maritimes. A haven of peace that is one of the most remote and popular places in the entire French Riviera.


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