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  • Splendid villa calm with sea view

    Splendid villa calm with sea view

  • Residence Relais de le Reine

    Residence Relais de le Reine

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Cannes is a cozy city with a rich cultural life

The charming Cannes is one of the most desirable destinations in the world for those looking to buy property. Once a year, this calm and quiet city literally explodes into an extravaganza during the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. The stars of the world cinema come here. They are attracted not only by the opportunity to get a palm branch but also by the beautiful sea view from the window.

What can the city surprise with? The main city attraction is the promenade of La Croisette. A century ago, an ordinary country road passed here, and today you can buy elite-level property for sale in Cannes along the promenade. There are also luxury hotels and modern residences with suites.

Why buying property in Cannes

It is worth buying luxury real estate in Cannes in order to stroll along the palm groves, visit expensive boutiques where world-famous stars dress. The popular Palm Beach Casino begins here, which leads to another attraction - the Palace of Festivals. Thanks to world festivals and sports tournaments, the purchase of luxury real estate in Cannes in France is increasing.

The most elite areas. Property for sale Cannes is varied: historic villas, modern houses and stylishly decorated apartments. When choosing a housing, it is also important to take into account the area because some quarters are suitable for avid party-goers, while others, on the contrary, are designed for families with small children who value peace and comfort.

We have prepared for you a short overview of the main districts of Cannes: The central part, which is also called "banana". It includes the Croisette, which is worth a special mention, and the most elite real estate; Palm Beach luxury residential area located on the Cap de la Croisette; Luxurious Californie located in the hills to the east of the city. There is an excellent sea view. If you are looking for exclusive accommodations, it is worth checking out the offers at Californie; Super Cannes. This quarter is called the "golden mile". Real estate in Cannes is a separate type of architectural art; Croix-de-Garde is a more affordable but no less comfortable part of the city. It is located west of the old city.

Cannes real estate agent from the Hermitage Riviera will help you find the right villa to buy or rent. This is an excellent investment of capital in the Cote d`Azur because at any moment the living space can be sold at a higher price than when buying.