7 properties found for sale in Cap-d'Ail

  • Duplex-apartment in luxury residence close waterfront

    Duplex-apartment in luxury residence close waterfront

  • Apartment to renovate with views over Monaco

    Apartment to renovate with views over Monaco

  • Lavish waterfront property

    Lavish waterfront property

  • Stunning Belle Epoque mansion

    Stunning Belle Epoque mansion

  • Luxury residence close waterfront

    Luxury residence close waterfront

  • Contemporary villa with sea view

    Contemporary villa with sea view

  • Spacious apartment close Monaco

    Spacious apartment close Monaco

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Cap d'Ail - luxury real estate - sale

The decision to buy a property on Cap d'Ail is an excellent opportunity to realize your financial viability in acquiring a luxury home on the French Riviera. The small resort town of Cap-d'Ail opens up endless possibilities for a comfortable luxury life surrounded by the picturesque landscapes of the French Riviera. The natural landscape with a steep slope to the sea coast gives beautiful views from the window: to the endless sea and the azure sky. 

Why buying property in Cap d'Ail

The seaside resort Cap-d'Ail has been actively developing since the 1970s, as an alternative to nearby Monaco, the center of the life of the influential world elite. Today, the real estate for sale on Cap d'Ail  is relevant for both locals and foreigners. The proximity to Nice airport (only 20 km), the mild Mediterranean climate, magnificent beaches and the availability of modern infrastructure make offers for rent and sale of apartments extremely demanded.

The prospect of buying a villa on Cap d'Ail opens up new horizons for it’s future owner for a beautiful, comfortable life on the sea coast: 

• the real estate catalog offers a wide selection of luxury apartments, luxury villas and Belle- Époque style residences, luxurious mansions of amazing architecture and a standard level of comfort; 

• the pride of the resort town is the extraordinary beauty of the Jardin Sacha Guitry garden, where you can admire the wonderful world of Mediterranean plants.

If you are considering the possibility of buying a house on Cap d'Ail, specialists of our agency will be happy to help you find exclusive offers that meet your expectations of a carefree, luxurious life on the French Riviera.