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Luxury real estate for rent in Cannes

Renting real estate in Cannes on the Côte d'Azur is an offer for true gourmets of life, for whom luxury is not a privilege but a habitual level. Cannes is rightfully considered the treasure of the French Riviera. The fashionable resort is not large by surface but it is here that so many sightseeing attractions and natural beauties are concentrated that they would be enough for several countries.

Why rent property in Cannes

As befits the Pearl of the French Riviera, Cannes is located in a cozy beautiful place. The city is located between two hills overlooking the bay. It is here that visitors to the city come on vacation or for a weekend to rent a villa in Cannes in France and to fully enjoy life in this cultural center by the sea. The city is rich not only in natural beauty but also in sightseeing attractions:

• more than ten centuries ago, the castle "Chateau du Suquet" was built here: a breathtaking view of the bay opens from its observation platforms;

• not far from Cannes there are two islands, on one of which the Man in the Iron Mask was in exile, he was a prisoner for 11 years;

• renting a house in Cannes in May, during the famous film festival and other media events, allows to touch the rich cultural life.

 Endless sea distances, Mediterranean landscapes lush with greenery, amazingly beautiful sunrises and sunsets are worthy of the paintings of the most talented artists. If you want to fulfill your dream of living by the sea, renting luxury apartments in Cannes is the first step towards making it happen. Perhaps, after a while, you will decide to buy housing here and become a full-fledged owner of the property in one of the most beautiful cities of the Cote d'Azur.