4 properties found for sale in Beausoleil

  • Penthouse-duplex renovated overlooking Monaco

    Penthouse-duplex renovated overlooking Monaco

  • Splendid villa with views of Monaco

    Splendid villa with views of Monaco

  • Spacious apartment with terrasse view Monaco

    Spacious apartment with terrasse view Monaco

  • Contemporary apartment with view Monaco

    Contemporary apartment with view Monaco

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Luxury real estate for sale in Beausoleil

The offer possibility to buy real estate in Beausoleil as a profitable investment attracts the elite housing on the French Riviera, located within walking distance of Monaco. The cost of real estate in this French region is significantly lower than in Monaco, which is the world capital of millionaires and the epicenter of gambling entertainment. The resort town of Beausoleil is tacitly called "a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean." And it is absolutely so: a panoramic view to the endless sea distance fascinates with its grandeur, scale and beauty.

Why buying property in Beausoleil 

You can buy a house in Beausoleil   both for yourself and for subsequent rent for those wishing to live near Monaco and not pay exorbitant amounts for living in the famous world resort. The city of Beausoleil has an extremely convenient location: in 25 minutes you can reach the airport in Nice by car, in 5 minutes - to the train station. Luxury real estate in Beausoleil  is represented by luxurious villas with a garden and a pool, as well as spacious multi-family residences. Comfortable life here is closely intertwined with the richness of the natural environment:

• Complexe du Devens park, surrounded by tall pine trees, is a favorite place for guests and locals to relax; there are picnic areas, tennis and football; 

• the old visiting card of the city is the Le Rivierа Palace hotel, from its windows an incredibly beautiful view of the sea and Monaco opens; 

• St. Joseph's Church impresses with its exquisite architectural style and bright, spectacular stained glass windows, created by the best masters of bygone eras.

If you are considering making the most profitable investment, make a decision to buy a villa in Beausoleil or buy an apartment here. We will help you choose attractive real estate offers.