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  • Splendid property of two villas calm close Monaco

    Splendid property of two villas calm close Monaco

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Sale of luxury real estate in La Turbie

Buying a house in La Turbie is the choice of wealthy, established and successful buyers who want to realize their dream of living surrounded by picturesque mountain landscapes in the south east of France. The panoramic windows of the luxurious mansions located on the slopes of the mountains reveal fantastic views of the nearby principality of Monaco. La Turbie is located at an altitude of about 500 meters above Monaco, which makes the geographical location of the area extremely attractive for a comfortable, secluded life in nature.

Why buying property in La Turbie

It is believed that real estate in this region is represented exclusively expensive, luxury, elite category. However, among the proposals there are options for sane, adequate prices. Traditional villa in La Turbie is a comfortable house with a swimming pool, a well-tended garden decorated with alpine slides, picturesque flower beds and winding paths. Along with the exceptional comfort for living, the region also pleases with a rich cultural heritage:

• that the great Dante Alighieri, the creator of the Divine Comedy, lived here, high in the mountains, as evidenced by the memorial plaque on his old house;

• along the mountain path you can get to the famous tower - a triumphal structure erected in honor of the victory of the emperor of the Roman Empire - Augustus; 

• the old, narrow streets, spacious cobblestone pavements and beautiful decoration of the facades of houses turn every walk in the local town into a holiday and joy for the soul. 

If you are considering the prospect of living in this amazingly beautiful region, use the offer - real estate for sale in La Turbie at the most attractive prices. The new house will give you the opportunity to admire the sea and mountain landscapes of France and Monaco every day.