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The finest accommodation in the French Riviera

The French Riviera is no longer a geographical name but a common noun. It is associated with a certain way of life, available only to wealthy people. The atmosphere of these places is difficult to compare with anything else. Every year, a million tourists strive to understand and feel it. But the region reveals it’s charm only to those who decide to buy beautiful villas for sale on the French Riviera.

How to choose a property? If you are interested in the sale of luxury homes for sale in French Riviera with sea views, you need to look through the various proposals, both in terms of architectural characteristics and cost. This will allow you to analyse the real estate market and understand which villas for sale Cote d`Azur by the sea are best for you. When it comes to architecture, prestigious mansions are often created in Provencal and Neo Provencal stylistic directions.

If you are interested in a Californian- or Modernist-style villa with panoramic windows with sea views in France, there are fewer options. Exclusive listings in the French Riviera are old buildings with impeccable architecture, landscaped gardens, and eminent owners.

What determines the value of real estate? The French are noble individualists. Detached houses are in much greater demand here than protected areas for two or three mansions. There is an important rule of "place above all else". It suggests that it is better to own a small cottage among the rich than the other way around.

The price of beautiful villas for sale on the French Riviera is interconnected with a number of factors: Good views of the seacoast. The opportunity to admire panoramic landscapes is an expensive pleasure that all families dream of; Building area. It's easier to buy luxury homes for sale in French Riviera with an area of 220 to 320 sq. meters; Condition. Modern villas are more expensive than outdated refurbished dwellings.

Elite French Riviera villas with sea views for sale that fit into the city's infrastructure, as a rule, do not have a solid land plot. The huge territory can be combined with walking access to the beach only in expensive places. As you move away from the coast to the rocks, you can count on the optimal ratio of cost and quality. Hermitage Riviera Real Estate Agency will help you choose the right villa for purchase or rent.