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  • Villa close to beach Keller

    Villa close to beach Keller

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Luxury real estate for rent in Cap d'Antibes

Renting a villa in Cap d'Antibes is the first important step on the way to realizing the cherished dream of living by the sea, surrounded by picturesque greenery and premium comfort. The resort town of Cap d'Antibes is comfortably located between the epicenter of cultural life - Cannes and luxurious Nice - a favorite vacation spot for the elite. It is here in one of the most beautiful bays of the Côte d'Azur that the most luxurious yachts are moored, the names of the owners of which adorn the lists of the most influential people in the world.

Connoisseurs of the rich history of France, admirers of beach holidays, and admirers of luxury comfort prefer to rent an apartment in Cap d'Antibes on the Cote d'Azur:

• rental prices for prestigious real estate vary depending on the location, view, and proximity to sights;

• wealthy admirers of the active life can safely rent expensive real estate in the Old Town and the vicinity of "Salis";

• offers for rent delight in their diversity: you can rent a luxury apartment in a multi-apartment residence with a panoramic view or rent a villa on the beach.

From the moment of its foundation, the city played the role of fortification, which was reflected in the richness of the architectural heritage in the form of defensive structures and castles. It is also home to the famous Picasso Museum and the majestic Fort Carré, which eloquently testifies to the rich military history of the area.

If you are going on vacation to the French Riviera, consider visiting Cap d'Antibes. In this cozy southern town, every tourist feels himself a welcome guest. In order not to limit yourself to the schedule of hotels, use the offer - Luxury real estate for rent in Cap d'Antibes and let the time spent here become one of the most unforgettable.