Elite districts of Nice: where to live, rent and buy real estate

Nice is the amazing city of the Cote d'Azur. It combines Italian and French motives in architecture. Locals and visitors find the Left Bank of Nice similar to the Italian old town of Turin. And the Right Bank is more associated with the old French gloss of the times of kings and queens.

The city is large, it is located on the coast and has quiet elite districts, as well as youth streets with dozens of noisy clubs and entertainment, densely populated neighborhoods with high-rises and park-laden areas. Each quarter has its own history, character and distinctive features. Therefore, when planning a vacation, buying or renting real estate in this amazing city, you should first select an area that will create the desired atmosphere.

Mont Boron

One of the largest elite areas of Nice is Mont Boron. The main property and wealth here is an amazing view of the sea, Villefranche Bay and the Bay of Angels. The area is located on a hill, it borders on a forest area of almost 60 hectares. And this includes sports, hiking and a sense of intimacy with nature.

It is quiet and calm in Mont Boron: there is a fully residential area with an elite infrastructure. There are tennis courts, pools, sports complexes, etc. there At the same time, there are relatively few cafes, restaurants and shops - just enough for the locals to have enough. For more, the city center is a 10-minute drive away. The real estate is only elite here: villas, cottages, apartments with concierge.

Real estate in Mont Boron is one of the most expensive (from 6000€ per sq.m) and it is in demand in Nice.


A quarter on the coast with a unique view of the Bay of Angels.It is in the neighborhood of the port and another quiet luxury area - Mont Boron. Mainly residences, villas and luxury apartments are located in Cap-de-Nice. Well-known politicians, athletes, showbiz stars live in the neighborhood. Owning a property on the Cap-de-Nice is emphasizing your status onse again, because a square meter will cost no less than 6500€ per sqm in this area.


It is the large luxury sleeping area of ​​Nice. There is everything for a quiet family life: an elite school, a posh park, proximity to the sea and the center. Cimiez is located on a hill - here is a picturesque view of the city and the sea.

The quarter is quite old, 19th century architecture is intertwined with a modern glossiness. On the territory of Cimiez there are popular historical heritage: Notre Dame, ancient Roman ruins, the Museum of Mathis and Chagall. And it is in Cimiez that the annual jazz festival takes place.

The cost of real estate in Cimiez starts from 4000€ per sqm. Mostly families, people of middle and older ages live here. It is quietly, calmly, beautifully here.

Golden Square (Carré d’Or)

The Street of France is called the Golden Square and it is a lively tourist quarter of Nice. It is located just a few steps from the beach. This quarter is especially full of boutiques, cafes, restaurants and all kinds of shops, services. There are always many tourists here. Therefore, it is not surprising that real estate in this quarter is popular for rent. Tourists stay in the Golden Square to relax on the beaches, have fun at night and simultaneously purchase all kinds of goods from the shops.

The most popular streets of the Golden Square in terms of sales and rental are:

  • Massena Street;
  • Street of France;
  • Freedom Street;
  • Meyerbeer Street;
  • Buffa Street.

Real estate here is expensive, the cost per square meter starts at 7000€. To buy a small one-bedroom apartment, which is quickly dismantled, you need at least 200 thousand euros.


The elite quarter is located on a hill simply next to the coast. Nice view, convenient interchange: 5 minutes drive from Promenade des Anglais, in 10 minutes from the center, near the airport. Fabron has a lot of options for sports and leisure: tennis, swimming pools, squash, golf, horse riding and much more.

The cost per square meter starts from 4000€.

Promenade des Anglais

It is located along the Bay of Angels, so it is a beautiful view respectively. There are a lot of hotels, resort areas and vacationers. The main advantage is its proximity to the Center. Therefore, the price of real estate is almost like in Paris - from 8000€ per sqm.

The quarter of Musicians

It is located in the center of Nice. Since many streets of the quarter are named after musicians, the district received the corresponding name. Thiers has beautiful architecture, predominantly Belle Epoque and Art Deco styles.

With all its merits, it will be cheaper to buy property in the Musicians Quarter than in other regions mentioned. A square meter starts here from 2500€.

Old Nice

This is the historic center of Nice with its rich history, architecture, charm and romance. It is located on Castle Hill, with a magical view of the city. As for life - it is very noisy here. The district is full of bars, shops, souvenir shops and various establishments. All tourists tend to stroll along the winding and narrow streets that have retained their historical motives.

Therefore, mainly real estate in this area is rented out. Since there are excellent conditions for tourists, a picturesque place and all the necessary infrastructure.

Inasmuch this is the old part of the city, whose integrity is monitored by local authorities, it is impossible to make global changes to the facade and destroy historic buildings. High-rise buildings without elevators, you rarely see terraces here.

For those who want to live in Old Nice with comfort there is a neighborhood of Ponchett beach. It is calmer, less built-up density and you even might be offered some variants with sea views. Such apartments and houses cost from 8000€ per sqm..

If you still have not decided where to rent or buy property in Nice, we will help you to find the best property. Just leave a request, describe what you want, and we will contact you shortly.

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