The most beautiful villas of Saint-Tropez

The city of Saint-Tropez is undoubtedly one of the most prominent cities on the French Riviera. A small fishing village in the Var that has become over time a large city where the Jet Set sometimes likes to meet in summer. With time, splendid villas have appeared on this small arid piece of land of the Var which advances in the sea. This place has a name and it is soberly called the Parks. A park of nearly 110 hectares where you can find about 200 villas on the peninsula of Saint-Tropez (about 400 hectares). If we find many businessmen we can only notice the absence of Indians or businessmen from the Gulf and the Middle East. Indeed, the land use regulations prohibits the construction of villas of more than 1,000 square meters living space. Les Parcs de Saint-Tropez is an unusual place where the most beautiful villas are generally rented between 150,000 and 300,000 euros per month and without staff.

Villa The Mandala

This immense villa, whose surface area varies between 500 and 600 square meters, was once the home of Bernard Tapie, among others. He had acquired it thanks to an arbitration decision that had allocated him a rather substantial amount of compensation. This famous businessman paid a modest sum of 47 million euros to a Belgian businessman to become the happy owner. Nevertheless, the only shadow in the picture, this house was consigned because of a dispute about the arbitration in the case Adidas / Credit Lyonnais / Tapie. The house was seized, but Bernard Tapie could continue to enjoy his property while waiting for the umpteenth legal rebound. He enjoyed it for many years all the same. Today the Villa Mandala, one of the most beautiful villas in Saint-Tropez is owned by a certain Anthony Tamer, a famous businessman. An American multi-billionaire who is the head of an investment company. A man unknown to the general public and who is nevertheless ranked 638th of the richest people on the planet.

The new owner of the Mandala was able to acquire this villa following a seizure in 2022 by the Belgian justice and its resale the same year. The presence of the Belgian justice, in this case, is due to the fact that the French businessman had acquired this luxury property through a Luxembourg company. The company itself is owned by a holding company under Belgian law. And of course, the shares of this Belgian holding belonged to Bernard Tapie. (Source Actu Var)

It is thus following an epic auction that Anthony Tamer became the new owner of the premises by disbursing the modest sum of 81.2 million euros. Some analysts and journalists have estimated the sale price at 160,000 euros per square meter. A figure does not mean much since this villa has direct access to the beach of Graniers and especially it is located in a park of two hectares decorated with a fairly large pool. Before Bernard Tapie and Anthony Tamer, the villa had been the property of a certain Catherine Schneider (heiress of a family of industrialists) and the fifth wife of the famous Roger Vadim.

This unusual house is located on the route des Salins not far from the Byblos hotel in the parks of Saint-Tropez, a huge private park close to the public.


The "Villa Bolloré

This 450 square meter villa is located on a 4,000 square meter lot and has direct access to the sea on the Bay of Canoubiers. The price of this house is estimated at 40 million euros, although it is not for sale.

The "villa of the late Albert Frère, the Belgian Baron

This villa of 700 square meters was owned for decades by the man who was considered for a long time the richest man in Belgium. Albert Frère (1926 - 2018) was a billionaire whose fortune came from the steel industry. An epicurean who was worth 5 billion and who liked to come on vacation to Saint-Tropez. A man who loved life but also loved doing business on the tennis courts and even on vacation in Saint-Tropez.

The villa Aigue-Marine

This discreet house in the Parks belongs to the family of the owners of BMW, the famous German car brand. It is difficult to know more about this waterfront villa, as it has not changed ownership since 1962. This family is considered to be the richest in Germany.


The villa "Clairefontaine", one of the most beautiful villas in Saint-Tropez

This villa, which is located near the villa of the Belgian Baron, belongs to a paper manufacturer. A certain Jean-Marie Nusse a captain of industry.

It is always complicated to have information on the most beautiful villas of Saint-Tropez, nevertheless regularly the press publishes articles on the villas of François Pinault or Bernard Arnaud and other bosses of the CAC 40.

The Villa Octopus

It was in the celebrity press that we learned that in August 2017, the Brazilian soccer player Neymar Junior had spent half a million euros in just five days. And so it is through the indiscretions of some and others that we learned that this villa was rented for 50,000 euros per day. That is 200 000 euros for four nights. (Source BFMTV)

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