The Most Expensive Houses on the French Riviera

How much businessmen, athletes, showmen, politicians and the rich people of the world are willing to pay for a comfortable climate, incredible views, famous neighbors, the prestigious title of a property owner on the French Riviera? Millions of euros.

Property in the resort area is expensive, but it's worth this. There is everything for comfortable rest, creative impulses, secluded evenings, noisy parties and other pleasures of life. This is confirmed by Roman Abramovich, Tina Turner , Sharon Stone, Johnny Depp and many other world famous people who bought property here.

So, how much is (and for what) the most expensive real estate of the Cote d'Azur:

5. The last home of Pablo Picasso in Mougins

Price: 20 million euros

Status: Owner Rayo Vithanage

The estate is known as Mas de Notre Dame de Vie or the estate "of Notre Dame-de-vie" - in honor of the chapel, which stands nearby. The main value of the villa is in the previous owner: the last 12 years of the life and work of Pablo Picasso were held here with his wife

The property area is 800 sq.m. , on the territory there is a house with 35 rooms, of which 10 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, a gym, SPA; 2 swimming pools, guest apartment with private entrance, tennis court, a territory with a garden and flower beds.

After the death of the famous artist and his wife, the stepdaughter, who sold them for about 10 million euros to a Belgian businessman, owned the property.

Having invested in the restoration, the owner hoped to sell the estate again. The main merit is that all the work was carried out with preservation of the appearance and the furnishing that Picasso left after himself.His workshop remained intact, with traces of paint left by the artist's brush.

In 2017, New Zealand businessman bought the estate of "Notre Dame-de-vie" for 20 million euros. Why did this house hit to our list, even if there are objects in the catalog that cost more than 30 million euros? It's all about the long history and perspectives that were placed on this house. For the location, size, history, functionality and Pablo Picasso's "Notre Dame-de-vie" was planned to sell for about $ 200 million, and the villa had good prospects for this. But it did not work out. And compared to the following houses, this one still cheaply cost for the new owner...

4. “The Palace of the Bubbles” by Pierre Cardin in Theoule-sur-Mer

Price: 200 million euros

Status: owner Pierre Cardin

Somewhere between Cannes and Saint-Raphael there is one of the most bizarre, unusual and expensive villas on the Cote d'Azur - Palais Bulles (“Palace of the Bubbles”). The name is appropriate - the architectural form of the building is dozens of bubbles of different shapes and sizes. Like a foam cloud, the villa occupies 1200 sq.m. Without angles, arrises, straight lines, spherical art is in action.

The famous architect Antti Lovaga had been designing and directing it for long 14 years (1975 - 1989) for Pierre Bernard.

The unusual facade of the building is complemented by the interior. Everything is not so simple here either: concentration on uneven, curved and round shapes. The idea of the continuation of futurism, dullness, lack of angles and straight lines.

In 1989, Pierre Cardin bought the villa in order to create a museum for creativity in the future. He added the furnishing with an open amphitheater, works of art, designer furniture, a collection of designer clothes. Cardin's famous bubble dress was inspired and created by the architecture of the house.

The villa is not for sale, but to live in it is quite real: there are 10 rooms on the territory, which are decorated by famous artists and designers and available for rent.

3. Sky Penthouse atop the Odeon skyscraper in Monaco

Price: 350 million euros

Status: for sale

Where else the most expensive apartment in the world might appear, if not in Monaco. By the way, in a small principality there are the highest real estate's prices. A villa of several hectares is difficult to find here, because the size of Monaco is limited, but an apartment for a few million is easy to find. This is not surprising, because, according to statistics, every third resident of the region is a millionaire. And they are very enthusiastic about buying property in a prestigious and luxury area of the continent.

The most expensive apartments in the world are located on the top five floors of the Odeon skyscraper at an altitude of 170 meters. Great view of the sea, city and nature, which are perfectly visible through the stained glass windows in all rooms. The property area is 3300 square meters. On the territory of a chic glass pool overlooking Monaco and the coast.

The owner will receive not only luxury apartments, but also a residence permit, chauffeur services, unlimited access to the SPA, fitness centers, free cleaning of the apartments, car washing.

2. Villa Les Cèdres in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

Price: 350-500 million euros

Status: for sale

Yes, this is not the most expensive villa in the world, although in the 2000s it wore this status. Real estate, which is already more than 180 years old, is located on properties of 14 hectares.

Luxury mansion with a living area of about 1700 sq.m., a swimming pool, garden with exotic plants, ponds with huge Amazonian lilies, rooms for staff, privacy and distance from the roads create the best conditions for life, relaxing and even retreat.

Built in 1830, the villa became the favorite residence of the mayor of Villefranche-sur-Mer in 1850. He was engaged in the cultivation of olive groves on the territory and some trees have survived to this day.

The next owner - the king of Belgium Leopold II in 1904, took up the garden, increasing it almost doubled. His idea today is preserved in some landscape works of gardeners.

Why does Villa Les Cèdres cost so much?

This is a huge territory, equal to which is difficult to find on the French Riviera. This is a large estate, a rich history, preserved objects of art, architecture, an incredible garden with exotic plants, a solid library with rare copies of books.

Today the estate belongs to the concern Campari (yes, the very one that is known for its eponymous liqueur) and is for sale. Proposals are received, but transactions do not end for various reasons.

The next owner of the villa will clearly demonstrate his status and good taste by purchasing this property.

1. Villa La Leopolda in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

Price: 500 million euros

At least, that is how the property was valued, and Lily Safra wants to sell it for such a sum. It is Villa La Leopolda is considered the most expensive residential real estate in the world. La Villa Leopolda is recognized as a historical monument of France. The mansion is over 100 years old. Erected in 1902 by King Leopold II for the mistress, it remained virtually unchanged in the facade. Inside, the royal design, pompousness and luxury remain. And outside - gardens, greenhouses with exotic plants, lakes with huge Amazonian lilies, labyrinths and magical landscapes of the sea, the Alps. Just imagine that 50 gardeners take care of the garden!

The one who acquires this property will receive the status of the owner of one of the most expensive residential properties in the world. Côte d'Azur is famous for expensive real estate. Businessmen, showbiz stars, actors, artists, and simply wealthy people are eager to buy it. There is a comfortable climate, beautiful scenery, exceptional proximity of the sea and mountains.

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