TOP 5 restaurants of the French Riviera

Today we talk about the most important component of a good holiday - food. Food is also one of the important attractions on the Cote d'Asure, without which a good rest will not succeed!

In the center of European resort life, you can satisfy the gastronomic interest of almost any popular world cuisine. Here you can find classic French pastries, Italian pasta and pizza, Japanese rolls, Lebanese flatbread with vegetables and much more. Description of each institution with comments can be found easily on the Internet to decide where to go for lunch today or where to arrange a romantic dinner.

For those who are looking for the best restaurant on the French Riviera, we picked up 5 options. It is very difficult to choose only one - they all deserve your attention and can fill your evening (or dinner) with delicious dishes, special atmosphere, best service, and some of them also have beautiful views.

So, let's start our parade of 5 best restaurants on the Cote d'Azur. Please, pay your attention that the numbering in the list does not mean anything, but simply helps you quickly navigate among the options.

1. Japanese and Thai Restaurant May bay in Monaco

24 Avenue Princesse Grace Le Roccabella, Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Everything is beautiful here: food, drinks, atmosphere and furnishing. It is said a lot about it, but always - well. In May bay they serve Japanese and Thai cuisine in the European style of gloss, taste and modern mood.

For example, here you can try the most traditional miso soup or a new vision of the dish - miso-bouillabaisse. Traditions are intertwined with modernity, from which you can get gastronomic and visual pleasure. There is top notch servise and it is worthy of praise.

In May bay it is quiet enough, it is comfortable to talk here, the music creates an unobtrusive background.

Suitable: for a romantic dinner, business meeting, family or friendly meetings.

Average bill: 150 euros.

2. Restaurant serving French and European cuisine with African seafood queen in Beaulieu-sur-Measure

Port de Plaisance, 06310 Beaulieu-sur-Mer, France

Three important facts about African queen:

  • Great view of Beaulieu Marine. Your dinner (and maybe lunch) will be surrounded by a light breeze, yachts, the sea and sailboats. Here you can sit for hours, enjoy the scenery, place and life for a cup of coffee, andwhether a popular truffle pizza. Visitors praise it very much.
  • Open until 12 at night. This detail is very important if you are aiming for a late or long dinner.
  • Large selection of dishes from a variety of different and the freshest seafood.

Suitable: for romantic dinner, business meeting, family or friendly meetings, lonely walks.

Average bill: 100 euro.

3. Italian Restaurant La Piazza in Nice

Boulevard de Riquier, Nice

In La Restaurant Piazza you can enjoy French, Mediterranean, European and Italian dishes in a cozy, refined setting. There is a summer playground for you, as well as places behind large display windows with gloss furnished institution.

The restaurant is suitable for celebrating important events, a first date, business communication and even just drinking coffee with dessert in La Piаzza would be a good idea! Because of cooking here is delicious, the portions are served relatively large and at the same time the prices are quite loyal.

Average bill: 50 euros.

4. Mediterranean and European Restaurant La petite maison in Nice

11 rue Saint Francois de Paule, Nice

La petite maison loves locals and seasoned tourists. Having been here once, I want to return again: a special ethnic atmosphere, locals, tourists and alive music. The hostess of the restaurant, Madame Nicole, takes an active part in her establishment: seating guests, leading casual conversations and accepting compliments.

A varied menu: a large selection of first, second courses, meat and seafood. All dishers are cooked and served quickly. It is recommended to book a table beforehand, otherwise you risk losing dinner in La petite maison.

Suitable: for romantic dinner, business meeting, family or friendly meetings.

Average bill: 150 euro.

5. Restaurant La French Route Du Miam in Nice

1 rue Molière, Nice

In Italian, there is a word that successfully describes the culture of this place - Osteria, which means home cooking for a close circle. You really does not feel the restaurant gloss, pompous there: a cozy atmosphere, a simple menu and the most important service. In general, you feel like visiting close friends.

The couple manages everything, they meet guests, serve as administrators ,they are curators of the waiters and work as the waiters themselves. And the place is so popular that without early booking it is rarely when lucky to get a table.

The most popular dish (from personal practice and judging by the reviews) is duck. Be sure to try it!

Suitable: for romantic dinner, business meeting, family or friendly meetings.

Average bill: 150 euros.

In general, on the Cote d'Azur, there are more than a dozen noteworthy establishments. The selection did not include:

  • Astoux et Brun in cannes
  • Michelangelo in antibes
  • La bastide de saint antoine at Grass
  • Café Senequier in St Tropez
  • La pinede in by Kaplan Ail

But they are also worthy of your attention, provide quality service, have earned a reputation on many otzovik sites and the love of regular tourists and locals.

Please, pay your attention: this selection does not contain establishments which are marked by Michelin stars.

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