Sights of Nice: where to go and what to see

What to see in Nice?

The only mention of this picturesque city of the French Riviera gives birth to anticipation of a rich cultural program in the hearts of tourists. Nice,which is located on the southeast coast of Cote d’Azure, France, was founded by the Greeks in IV century B.C. And its name in Greek means "victory".

And, indeed, from the first minutes of being here you feel a taste of victory. Beauty’s victory over the bad taste, the joy’s victory over boredom, victory of desire to enjoy life over the sadness ... Which Nice attractions are worth to see, to get to know this city,to breathe in unison with it and understand the secret of its charm for hundreds of thousands of travelers?

Flower Market Cours Saleya

Nice can be called the floral capital of France. There is the famous flower market Cours Saleya here. It is next to the Promenade des Anglais and has an impressive territory. The territory is included into the list of the most interesting places of Nice :

  • the market sells not only the luxurious roses of David Austin, gorgeous hydrangeas, the famous Provencal lavender, but also vegetables with fruits grown on fertile French land;
  • The cooks also come to the Cours Saleya market to buy spices, spices, fragrant Provencal herbs, confitures, cheeses, honey presented on the shelves of the market in abundance ;
  • Lovers of antiques often drop in to the flower market on Mondays, because at the beginning of every week there is a flea market where you can buy interesting, antique items.

In the middle of the territory of the market there is a majestic building - the palace of the dukes of Savoy, which can also be added to the list - must see in Nice. The palace visually separates the flower market, in one part of which they trade in flowers, in the other - products, paintings, souvenirs.

English Quay (Promenade des Anglais)

A walk along the Promenade des Anglais will help you to feel the rhythm of the sea resort city. This place is considered to be a symbol not only of the city, but of the whole France. The embankment is named after the influential and wealthy British, who acquired their property here . Today the luxury hotels are located on the Promenade des Anglais, including a luxurious «Negresco». Its dome with its color of the morning dawn stands out from the rest of the buildings. The great Chanel, the writer Ernest Hemingway, the unique Audrey Hepburn, loved to rest here.

Those people,who wish to purchase or rent luxury apartments in the area of the Promenade des Anglais will be interested in offers from Hermitage Riviera, where luxury real estate is presented in Nice. Stroll along the sunlit embankment will give you unforgettable impressions while relaxing : fresh, crystal clear clean air, azure sea distance, palms aspiring to the sky create an atmosphere of a world-famous and famous resort city.

Old city of Nice

Planning what to see in Nice in one day, without a doubt, go to the Old Town - Le Vieux Nice. It includes several cozy, colorful neighborhoods with narrow streets, where ancient temples, monuments, architectural buildings of the XVI-XIX centuries ( which were created in the luxuriously baroque style) are located. There is the famous flower market on the Cours Saleya square in Old Town, and next to it – there is the Opera theatre ( the famous architect François Laayoune was its author). In addition to old architectural monuments, there are souvenir shops, cozy cafes and restaurants in the Old Town, where you can taste French cuisine and watch the life of the city flows. Many foreigners who are interested in renting in Nice decide to rent luxury apartments just in this district.

Chagall Museum

Learning the sights of Nice, be sure to include in your itinerary a visit to the Chagall Museum. Just as picturesque works of this artist of the twentieth century, as colorful the building where the museum is located too. The abode, where the masterpieces of famous painter live nowadays, is a cozy one-story mansion, created from white stone. The museum began its work in 1973. It is surrounded by stunning nature: oak woods, cypress groves, olive alleys. It is noteworthy that Chagall took part in the design of the room himself. You will certainly be delighted to see the mosaic compositions of stained glass in the concern hall and on the exterior walls created by the artist. The center of the exhibition in the Museum is formed by the 17 paintings, reflecting the religious themes that were written by the artist in blue and red shades.

In a separate room engravings, sketches, works in gouache and watercolor, sculptures and stained glass windows by the great creator Marc Chagall are collected. The Museum also has a concert hall, where classical music evenings are often held, and well-known and novice musicians perform.

Matisse Museum

A visit to the Museum of Matisse will allow you to get in touch with the cultural heritage of France. He was an outstanding creator, painter, sculptor. The artist loved to visit the Cote d'Azur, he had spent more than 40 years here. In honor of the painter's love for Nice, the Museum was created. It is located on one of the highest hills of the city, in an old building of the XVII century. Visiting interesting places in Nice (France), do not forget to come on a excursion to the Museum of Matisse. The expositions reflect the life path of the creator, as not only his creations, but also personal belongings are presented here. Therefore, getting here and listening to the fascinating stories of the guide, it seems that the tourists are visiting the great Maestro.

If you are planning to visit the French Riviera in summer, the answer to the question what to see in Nice and the surrounding area's, is ready. From June to August, legendary lavender fields bloom near this picturesque town. The nearest of them can be reached by car in 1.5-2 hours. During the trip, you will enjoy the incredible aroma of lilac floral symbol of Provence - lavender and make incredible beauty photos.

Of course, the sights of Nice: what to see are not limited with the above places. There will be a lot of interesting and exciting excursions both for gourmets visiting the gastronomic tours and for all the tourists waiting new, unforgettable emotions from the trip...

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