French Riviera 4 seasons: what is worth seeing

The French Riviera intrigues with the romance of its name, enchants with its picturesque seascapes, delights with its richness and saturation of cultural life. Here, in France, on the southeast coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Bohemian representatives from around the world yearn each year. Its Majesty Inspiration lives in cozy, quiet sea bays, otherwise, how to explain that Cote d'Azur, like a magnet, attracts thousands of artists, scriptwriters, actors, fashion designers, musicians, directors, poets, artists...

Against the backdrop of incredibly beautiful nature, where the boundless, clean sea, the bright, gentle sun and the riot of greenery form the harmony of the elements, cultural life is in full swing throughout the year. The Cote d'Azur, named after the French poet and prose writer Stefan Liegear, has been considered the cultural center not only of Europe but also of the world for many decades in a row. What events are organized here, what they are interesting for and when they are held - we will find out right now.

What to see in winter on French riviera

Events on the French Riviera in winter. On the day of the patron saint of all lovers - St. Valentine in Antibes, a romantic-gastronomic event called “Pain, amour et Chocolat” is held. At the exhibition which is eloquently referred to as "Bread, love and chocolate" confectioners and chocolatiers from all over France offer guests masterpieces of confectionery and chocolate art. The event takes place from February 13, lasts 4 days, and the epicenter of the festivities is concentrated in Vauban - the seaport.

From February 16 until the beginning of March, an amazingly beautiful event is held in Nice - a colorful, fascinating, enchanting Carnival. It will be able to give odds to the Brazilian celebration. During the holiday, life in Nice boils throughout day and night, without subsiding, even at night. Artists show the wonders of dance, music, and theater, transforming Massena Square into an improvised stage.

When visiting the French Riviera at the end of February and the beginning of March, come to the feast of citrus freshness - the Lemon Festival. For over 85 years, spring on the Cote d'Azur has been associated with this useful, fragrant citrus. Here, in Menton, lemons are sung odes, and in one season it is possible to harvest three crops of ripe, juicy fruits. During the Festival, the atmosphere in the city resembles the country of Lemonia:

  • bartenders prepare all sorts of cocktails based on citrus;
  • confectioners bake lemon muffins, pies, cakes relentlessly;
  • the restaurants offer original dishes flavored with lemon sauces.

The end of the holiday is marked by bright, large-scale fireworks, but not from lemons, as we would like, but from a thousand lights.

Last week of February attracts tourists from all over the world to the small town of Mandelieu-la-Napoule on the Cote d'Azur to enjoy the beauty of blooming mimosa, a chic flower festival, to attend the annual masquerade ball dedicated to the sunny flower. The holiday is dedicated to welcoming spring and farewell to winter.

The beauty of blooming mimosa, which envelops the mountains, spreads the foot of hills and meadows, creates incredible landscapes that you can enjoy and be inspired for several days in a row. Just walking, smelling the smells of the French spring are not all the delights of the festival. All day long, shows, carnivals, fairs, exhibitions are held in the city. You have a week to appreciate everything, to try the local cuisine, entertainment, to go on excursions in the mountainous area of Tanneron - the "heart" of the gardens of mimosa.

What is offered in spring on French Riviera

Where to go on the Cote d'Azur in spring? In spring Catholic Easter is celebrated. These days it is customary to decorate the home with bunnies, dyes. Themed goods appear on the shelves. Last Thursday before Easter is a shorter working day, Friday is not a working day. Until Monday, most of the shops and restaurants in France are closed - everyone goes out of town to rest.

From the middle of March, the Monte Carlo Themed Art Festival starts in Monaco. The show is attended by musicians from all over the world, playing famous and rare works of outstanding composers. The festival program includes the performance of young, beginners and experienced, well-known artists and groups. Playgrounds for music are becoming the most popular places in Monaco: Casino Square, yacht clubs, Museum of Oceanography.

Summer cultural program on French Riviera

Cote d'Azur in summer: what to see. In the first week of June, in the cozy bay of the French Riviera - Cap d'Antibes, the event “Sailboats of Antibes” takes place, drawing hundreds of yachtsmen to the azure expanses of the Mediterranean Sea. Since 1996, the event has been held in an annual format and with its beginning opens the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge - the world's largest competition of classic yachts.

The beginning of July is the best time for jazz. Thousands of fans and hundreds of participants in the Jazz Festival, which is held annually in Nice, think so. At this time, the atmosphere of the city is filled with dynamic, virtuoso jazz melodies and improvisations. Within the framework of the Festival, about 30 performances of famous and novice musicians are held, and thematic master classes are organized for the guests of the festival.

Autumn routes on French Riviera

Autumn activities on the French Riviera. At the beginning of autumn, the Cote d'Azur throws off the loud celebratory gala tinsel, the participants of numerous festivals, exhibitions, cultural events are leaving, and the Cote d'Azur becomes exclusively tourist. In Nice in the fall there is a wonderful sunny weather, you can sunbathe, swim, enjoy a beach holiday. It can be combined with fascinating promenades along the old streets of the Old Town and feel the pulse of modern life while walking along the embankment.

On a warm autumn day, you can go to the town of Grasse. It is considered the capital of perfumery art. There are five large and more than a dozen small industries of perfumes. It is interesting to look at the Museum of perfumery, listen to the fascinating stories of the guide about the history of perfumes, the rules of the combination of different flavors. Be sure to visit the suburb of Grasse - here, among the enchanting beauty of lavender fields and blooming roses, you unwittingly catch yourself thinking that a floral paradise exists.

When planning a trip to the Cote d'Azur, choose any time. The French Riviera, like a diamond of tourist and cultural life, shines with different facets all four seasons, delighting guests with interesting events, beautiful nature, the highest level of service!

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