The Cote d'Azur holiday with children: where to go, and what to do

French Riviera (the Cote d’Azure) is a wonderful region for families with children. The weather is comfortable all year round here,the sun and the sea. There is a stereotype that rest on the French Riviera attracts the rich and famous people looking for luxury living, noisy parties, luxury services. However, all conditions for a comfortable family holiday are created here  .

Rest for kids in Nice

There is a large selection of entertainment and leisure options in the city and in the region. Plenty of museums, excursions, parks will diversify every day. It will not be enough even a week to see and visit tourist programs  and areas that are aboundant in Nice. But we must also devote time for the beach, the sun and the sea ...

Only here the festival "Battle of Flowers" in February is hold, which is necessary to get at least once in a lifetime. Just walking in the garden of Albert I, passing to the Promenade des Anglais through Payon you will find many children's playgrounds, recreation areas, places of family rest. Not to mention the fountains, sculptures and landscape aesthetics, which  Promenade Payon is dotted with.

The whole family should visit the Phoenix landscape park, where strange animals and birds, crocodiles, iguanas, flamingos, otters, macaws and other large items are collected. There is something to see and do! Bring a bag for a picnic with sandwiches, fruit and French croissants, as the Phoenix park has special areas for picnics. You can buy food just in the park - a wide variety of street food, desserts and traditional cuisine can be found here.

Take time to visit the park on the Castle Hill: here, in an abundance of playgrounds, there is an artificial waterfall, playground for contemplation of views and Nice. There are places for a picnic.

The whole family should go to the Botanical Garden.It is an amazing place, where variety of plants from all over the continent are collected together. Such a walk is equally interesting for adults and children.

There are enough parks and gardens in Nice, museums, galleries, exhibitions are much smaller (but still as much) – in generally, much more you can see else. For example, in the Museum MAMAC (Museum of Art Nouveau and modern art) children and their parents are told the stories which are related to the exhibits of contemporary art. In the Asian Art Museum you can take a little journey through the cultural traditions and views of the oriental countries. Every roomhere is a presentation of the country. In Japan you can get to the tea ceremony, to do origami in China, in the open air anyone can join the oriental gymnastics. In total, it is fun and informative.

On Arson villa child can be involved in the creative development: the Center for Contemporary Art  is located here, and there are classes, workshops for children, teenagers. The masthers will look after them, and master classes and lessons are held almost every day here.

In Nice, there is everything: the observatory with the most beautiful views of the city, ice sports school, the stables with the possibility to take private and group lessons, swimming school, amusement parks, children's playground, cinemas, tennis courts, golf courses and a lot more something that will brighten up leisure time for children and the whole family.

To explore the Côte d'Azur, feel the flavor of local life and the whole family to have rest – Nice is worth to visiti for a couple of months at least. There are all conditions for comfortable living in a rented apartment. You may choose a suitable accommodation for rent in Nice from us.

Rest for kids in Monaco

Without a doubt, the Oceanographic Museum is the most favorite place of children in Monaco. Here you can not only see the stuffed-exhibits of marine life, but also look at the life of the underwater world. In the aquariums the coral reefs and sea inhabitants dwell, there are swimming pools with  shark cubs, which you can even feed. In addition to representatives of ocean waters, there is a separate room with a huge exhibition of equipment, marine suits and other inventory to explore the underwater world. Due to the interactive whiteboard, you can read or listen to the story of each item submitted for review. And there is something to talk about, as one of the last directors of the museum was Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

Monaco also has a well-known Maritime Museum, where over 200 models of military ships and technology are presented. Remains of mammoths and other dinosaurs are exhibited in the Anthropological Museum of Monaco. In the same city the one of the largest private collections of vintage cars Rainier III - the Prince of Monaco is presented. The classics of car industry, as well as prototypes and modern luxury cars can be seen here.

This is only part of the Museums and exhibitions, visits to which should be included in the compulsory program of travel with children in the Côte d'Azur.

In Monaco there is a great variety of parks and lookouts. The Exotic garden with cactuses, succulents, multi-level landscape solutions is worth to see. Here are many kinds of flowers, trees and shrubs from all over the continent. You can look at the harmony of bonsai in the Japanese Garden. Fontvieille landscape park is rich in sculptures, the beauty of the flora and design. Almost every park has a children's playground.

And the towns of Eze and Menton are also very close, which also have a lot to see and what to do with children. For example, in the summer  the great Koaland amusement park works in Menton.

In the city  various circle and clubs for children work in all seasons: sports, creative and educational ones. You can select the entertainment for child  from 3 years.

Rest for kids in Villefranche-sur-Mer and Antibes


Here you will find sandy beaches, equipped with everything needed for a family holiday. Antibes is the largest water park with oceanarium "Marineland". This is a great complex, where there are things to do, what to see and what to eat. Bathe, swim in the pool with waves, enjoy all kinds of water slides, water attractions, or just come to see the penguins, sharks, all sorts of fish and other underwater creatures. On pirate ships  the  golf games with water pistols are arranged for children, and there is  an outdoor area with sun loungers for parents. In total, a good family vacation is provided.

Next to the water park in the summer the AntibesLand amusement park opens. There is also fun - there is entertainment for children from 3 years. For adults there are also extreme rides and the carousel.

Kid's Island is another attraction of Antibes, where children can interact closely with animals. On this mini-farm there are pens with geese, cute goats and even llamas. In addition,  playgrounds for children of different ages are equipped there, and adults have something to do.

There are also museums and exhibitions in Antibes and Villefranche. It is worth to visit the School Museum, where  the life and traditions of the old school of the past centuries are preserved. You can see clearly the conditions, form, available materials, which were used by students.

Another advantage of the Côte d'Azur is developed infrastructure, the highway and the small distances between cities, locations. Wherever you are staying , you can quickly get to Nice, Monaco or Antibes and enjoy with walks, family rest in entertainment centers, museums or festivals.

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