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How to spend time in Saint-Tropez?

A luxurious and tasty piece of land is the town of Saint-Tropez. It is a paradise that adorns the French Riviera. The number of people willing to buy an apartment for sale Saint-Tropez is regularly increasing. The town is famous for its pleasant climate, beautiful seascapes, and picturesque mountain landscapes. Every year rich travellers from various countries of the world come here.

Why visit Saint-Tropez?

It is a town of contrasts, which successfully combines chic and simplicity. Sandy beaches within walking distance of luxury apartments, art galleries, apartments in Saint-Tropez as works of art, luxurious architecture in the style of post-impressionism - all this deserves your attention.

A few things to do in Saint-Tropez: To lie on the Pampelonne beach; To visit the market, smelling the spicy scent of local herbs; To visit the butterfly house, where more than 20 thousand insects are represented; To taste elite French wines; To buy in Brigitte Bardot's shop a souvenir with her autograph.

Apartments in Saint-Tropez. 

Flats for sale in Saint-Tropez are of interest to all fans of noisy parties, bars, and dancing. It is home to some of the coolest nightclubs and the world's most fashionable restaurants. 

The commune has long been called the recognised hangout center of Europe. After 22:00, active fun only begins and does not end before dawn. Young people from all over the world dream of looking at all this extravaganza at least out of the tail of their eye. 

Good real estate offers. The choice of sea view housing is enormous. Someone gets a secluded place in the bastide style of the 19th century, surrounded by greenery on all sides. Others are looking to buy an apartment for sale Saint-Tropez in the most modern houses, equipped with the latest technology. You can find living space for every taste, lifestyle, and budget.

This town was created for comfort and relaxation without worries. The local atmosphere is conducive to unity with nature, endless fun, and the burning of life. The sale and purchase of prestige apartments in Saint-Tropez is a profitable investment in the future. The Cote d`Azur in France will always attract rich people. If you are also planning to buy an apartment in Saint-Tropez, the Hermitage Riviera real estate agency will be a reliable assistant in this matter. Experts will help you choose a property to buy or rent.