3 apartments found for sale in Menton

  • Beautifully appointed apartment with sea view
    Menton Garavan

    Beautifully appointed apartment with sea view

  • Penthouse in recent residence

    Penthouse in recent residence

  • Studio apartment with views of town and sea

    Studio apartment with views of town and sea

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Menton is a bourgeois French town on the border with Italy

Menton is the last city in France before the Italian border. Europeans associate it with the enchanting festival of lemons and with older people who want to buy an apartment for sale Menton to spend the rest of their days.

General information. According to legend, when Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise, they took a lemon with them and looked for a new place where a capricious plant would take root. They got to the Garavan Bay, which resembles Eden.

Why buying apartment in Menton 

Everyone who comes to see flats for sale or for rental in Menton feels the special mild microclimate of this unique place. Nearby, in Monaco, there is often a gusty wind but the weather in this village is calm and pleasant to relax.

Cote d`Azur attracts many foreigners, primarily Italians. Elite sites also attract the British, Scandinavians and Belgians.

If children are growing up, it is worth taking into account that there is a prestigious Science Po University in Menton France. Future politicians and diplomats study here. So, luxury apartments, homes, houses in France can be very useful.

Buying real estate in the town. Everyone who intends to buy an apartment for sale in Menton has one thing in common - they are not ready to move to any other city. Some are fascinated by the old city, others like the proximity to Italy, the third like the measured rhythm of life. Historically, the Garavan area is considered the most luxurious. This is due to several important factors: on Garavan Boulevard, you can admire the gorgeous sea view; a port where you can keep your yacht, as well as the old town; exotic parks have been planted in this quarter, area is free from tourist bustle; the most beautiful and prestige apartments in Menton.

The luxury housing on the remaining plots for development has been actively building in the town. There is an increasing demand for “second apartments” with sea views and for basic permanent housing for people who work in Monaco.

If, after reading this article, you are interested in apartments in Menton, the Hermitage Riviera real estate agency’s representatives will help you find a suitable luxury apartment to buy or rent. Buying an apartment in Menton is a great idea for lovers of Franco-Italian culture.