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  • Splendid property of two villas calm close Monaco

    Splendid property of two villas calm close Monaco

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Why is La Turbie so attractive?

Tourists are fascinated by the view of the fabulous Alps, so high and inaccessible. Therefore, it is not surprising that in La Turbie, not far from Provence, low one-story houses began to be built, resembling apartments in size, and then huge mansions. Over time, this area of ​​France began to be populated even more. Now two-story houses and cottages are ubiquitous, but leave a feeling of freedom and privacy. Here you can buy a house for seasonal vacations or live in a large mansion forever.

Why is La Turbie so attractive?

La Turbie is located near the Principality of Monaco. The view of the city is magnificent due to the fact that the terrain here is mountainous. That is, all houses are located at a height, like on steps. Wherever you buy an apartment or villa, the view of the Cote d'Azur will delight you all the time. What is this picturesque place considered so special? -This is a suburb in which there is no polluted air and continuous highways. - Real estate here is luxury and fashionable, not only in appearance but also in price. - La Turbie has excellent weather most of the year. There are practically no gloomy clouds and rains. - Situated on a hill, La Turbie creates a sense of unity with nature. It will be easy to get to the lively area – just 10 minutes. - The spirit of old France is felt here, which makes life easier and more measured.

France is a romantic fairytale land of love. La Turbie is a place where you can buy a house and live in it in a great mood. You don't have to leave for a hotel with a swimming pool on the seashore for the weekend. Azure water, mountains, and clean alpine air will always be with you.

Features of buying a house in La Turbie.

The sale of houses in La Turbie is a profitable business because real estate prices are sky-high. It is difficult to find an affordable good option at once. You will have to search for ads for a long time, browse different cottages, and read reviews. After all, there is a reason why living near the Alps and the Cote d'Azur is so expensive. You have to pay for a wonderful panorama, nature, and climate.

Real estate in La Turbie is different by style. There are classic mansions, modern mini-cottages, and small two-story Provence-style houses. However, almost all buildings are distinguished by large panoramic windows. After all, it would be foolish to hide a magnificent view behind concrete. So feel free to choose a home to enjoy the sea, bright sunset, fresh breeze, and mountain freshness every day.

Not sure how to buy a house in La Turbie? Contact Hermitage Riviera Agency. Here you will find the best real estate options in the lovely district of Nice. The price depends on the type of building, the number of square meters, the arrangement of the territory, and the landscape. Keep in mind that the terrain is sloped. Therefore, strict requirements are imposed on the arrangement of houses and their safety. Choose a cottage that suits your budget and makes a great getaway for the whole family.