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Eze is a fabulous village on the French Riviera

Eze is a pretty town located between Monaco and Nice. Travel companies include it in their cruise programs to delight avid travellers. Men often ask for the ladylove’s hand here against the backdrop of romantic sunsets.

What awaits you in Eze France? The upper part, Eze Village is located at 5000 m above sea level. If you buy villas for sale Eze, France, you can enjoy a unique panoramic view from Saint-Tropez to Saint-Remo, and, in good weather, you can even see Corsica.

Prestige villas in Eze on the Cote d'Azur, a medieval village with narrow lanes and a palace, several perfumery factories, five-star hotels and expensive restaurants await you. A park of exotic plants was created at the top of the slope. Its main exhibit is a cactus 13 meters high and weighing about a ton. It is worth visiting the French Riviera to get lost among succulents and other thorny plants.

Reasons for the popularity of real estate. In the past few years, Eze has become the leader in terms of the number of transactions concluded in comparison with neighbouring settlements: Beaulieu, Cap Ferrat. There are several reasons why the number of people willing to buy houses for sale in Eze with sea view is increasing from year to year: proximity to Monaco - can be reached by car in just 10 minutes; gorgeous panoramic views of the tides and mighty trees. Many of those who bought luxury homes are sure that Eze is the most beautiful part of the French Riviera; Monaco and Nice have international schools for children from different countries.

Upscale real estate in other settlements nearby (Villefranche, Cap d'Ail) is expensive and offers are limited. Buyers have discovered yet another picturesque place where they can still find housing with sea views at affordable prices. Hermitage Riviera real estate realtor will help you buy villas for sale Eze or rent housing for a required term.