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Eze is a spectacular village on the French Riviera

Eze commune is located behind a mountain peak called "Dog's Head" west of Monaco. Today it is one of the most visited villages on the Cote d'Azur and all bohemians dream of buying an apartment in Eze France.

Why buying an apartment in Eze

History of settlement. The settlement of the commune took place in the II century BC. Its rapid development began in the period of Antiquity. The village got its name because the temple of the goddess Isis was built here. The ruins of an ancient castle of the 12th century, which was an impregnable fortress for enemies, have survived to our times. Today, it is possible to buy flats for sale in Eze near the castle.

Territorial division of the village. Eze, like Villefranche-sur-Mer, is located at different altitudes relative to sea level. The local development plan provides for the strictest measures to protect the environment and architectural heritage. It is important that, against the background of the development of the luxury real estate market, monuments with sea view retain their original appearance for future generations. 

The commune consists of three main districts: Eze bord de mer stretches along the sea coast and lower slopes. If you are planning to buy an apartment for sale Eze, France, then this is where you can combine gorgeous panoramic sea views and walks to the beach; Eze-village is located higher, near the middle road. The main attractions are located here: medieval streets and a perfume factory. For those who want to buy an apartment for sale Eze with sea views, there is no better place; The Saint-Laurent-d'Eze descends from the middle level to the sea in the next bay near Monaco. From the coastal part to the village, you can get on the "Nietzsche path". It is said that while climbing this route, the idea of ​​writing "As Zarathustra Spoke" came to his mind. It is dominated by prestige properties: villas and houses designed for several apartments.

Choosing the French Riviera for permanent or temporary residence, you will find yourself in a wonderful kingdom where medieval secrets and comfortable living conditions combine. The Hermitage Riviera real estate agents will help you find apartments in Eze on the Cote d'Azur for purchase or rent.