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  • Splendid villa calm with sea view

    Splendid villa calm with sea view

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Cannes is a picturesque center of world cinema

Cannes is a picturesque center of world cinema

Cannes is one of the most popular resorts not only on the Cote d`Azur but on the entire planet. When we hear the name of this city, we immediately imagine chic film stars, luxury villas in Cannes and a romantic setting. Red carpets are laid here for eleven days each year, and the city has a festive atmosphere. You can buy a house in Cannes to attend private film screenings.

But when the festival ends, Cannes turns into a quiet and calm city with cozy shops and colourful houses.

Why buying villa in Cannes

History of development and sights of the city. The old town, located to the north of the Croisette, allows to enjoy beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea and the island of Sainte-Marguerite, where in 1687 the "man in the iron mask" was brought to arrest.

There is a Church of Our Lady of Hope on the Le Suquet mountain peak overlooking the sea. The period of its construction is the 16th century. It resembles an impregnable fortress but not a Gothic temple. The refined architecture of Cannes excites the imagination with a variety of eras and the size of buildings. You can buy villas for sale Cannes of different types, ranging from medieval palaces to Roman mansions. Huge spaces are closed for cars and buses.

City real estate catalog. Regardless of the global economic situation, real estate in Cannes is in great demand among the rich and famous. The most active sale of villas and houses for sale in Cannes takes place in the historic district of Le Suquet. It is known for its winding cobbled streets with atmospheric cafes, beautiful coloured facades, and high-end shops.

Today there is a huge selection of housing: villas for sale Cannes with endless gardens, swimming pools, and beautiful landscapes; prestige apartments equipped with all amenities and infrastructure; luxury penthouses, lovely fishing houses.

The French Riviera in France is a great place for a summer vacation or for a permanent move. Potential investors are also considering reconstruction projects as an investment option. Whatever your request, representatives of the Hermitage Riviera real estate agency will help you rent or buy a sea view villa that meets all your requirements.