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  • Residence Relais de le Reine

    Residence Relais de le Reine

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Cannes is a real pearl of the French Riviera

At all times, Cannes was considered one of the most stellar resorts on the Cote d`Azur. Many actors, directors, writers, and simply rich people seek to buy an apartment in Cannes to emphasise their material wealth.

Reasons for the popularity of the city. A rich cultural life, as well as elite parties and bohemian hangouts, attract avid travellers all year round. They are interested not only in the famous Palace of Festivals but also in clean beaches, chic sea view restaurants, an atmosphere of luxury that is felt in everything.

Why buying apartment in Cannes

A few steps from the lively La Croisette, there is the quiet life of a small village with cafeterias, bakeries, farmers' markets, parklands, and tennis alleys. It is worth buying an apartment for sale Cannes to admire the gorgeous landscapes dominated by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the outlines of the Esterel Mountains.

Latest trends in the real estate market. The variety of housing choices is one of the main advantages of the city. Anyone can buy flats for sale in Cannes, taking into account their plans for living and recreation, as well as budgetary possibilities. When choosing, it is important to consider the various parameters of urban areas. They suit a particular lifestyle to varying degrees.

The Cote d`Azur in France is divided into such prestigious quarters: Californie. Here you can buy prestige housing. It is located on the east side of Cannes, on verdant cliffs near the coastline. From these residences you can admire the Bay of Cannes and the Lerins Islands; Cannet Residential is also a great option. Here, apartments for sale Cannes are often set up in colourful old mansions or stylish modern residences; All social life is concentrated in Center-Croisette. The apartments in Cannes around ​​the Croisette are sold at a cost of 15 to 30 thousand euros per sq. meter.

Many of the high season homeowners rent out their homes with passive income. The concept of vacations here is very conditional, and tourists can come at any time of the year. Anyone wishing to rent or purchase an apartment in Cannes is advised to contact the Hermitage Riviera real estate agency. Experts will help you find a suitable apartment for purchase or rent.