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  • Splendid villa with views of Monaco

    Splendid villa with views of Monaco

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Beausoleil, a French resort at the foot of the Donkey Mountain

At the end of the 19th century, Monaco experienced strong economic growth. This led to an increase in land prices in neighbouring settlements. Mayor Camine Blanc of Beausoleil founded a luxury real estate firm in Monte Carlo to capitalise on the land. Against this background, the development and modernisation of the ville Beausoleil takes place. It turns into a climate station. Villas for sale in Beausoleil are bought by aristocrats and the European bourgeoisie.

Why buying villa in Beausoleil 

Beausoleil France: a terrace over the Mediterranean. The Cote d`Azur rises above the coastal part, representing a kind of terrace over the sea. The town is famous for its narrow alleys, majestic passages, winding staircases. The word "beausoleil" in French means "beautiful sun". This name was chosen for a reason. The village has bright sunlight, it seems to be buried in greenery.

People are interested not only in the historical villas or residences in Beausoleil but also in other attractions: Complexe du Devens park, elite football and tennis playing areas; Ruins of an ancient fortress on Donkey Mountain; Architectural masterpiece - the Riviera Palace hotel; St. Joseph Church built in the New Romanesque style.

Today, the French resort and neighbouring Monte Carlo live the same cultural life. This means that the various cultural and sporting events of the noisy "neighbour" have become an integral part of the leisure time of the quiet and calm Beausoleil in France. Monte Carlo regularly hosts the Formula 1 Grand Prix, world tennis tournaments and world circus festival. The sale of villas and houses in Beausoleil is becoming more and more popular.

Property in the commune. Buying houses for sale in Beausoleil is beneficial for those who want to work or rest in Monaco without tax resident status. Real estate properties here costs five, or even six times cheaper than on the territory of the Principality. A house with sea view is a secure rental property investment.

As one moves away from the border with Monaco and ascend to the alpine foothills, buying villas for sale in Beausoleil becomes more and more expensive. Gorgeous panoramic landscapes are appreciated here more than walking distance to the beach. For all those who dream of buying a prestige villa in Beausoleil, Hermitage Riviera Real Estate Agency will help choose interesting options for buying or renting.