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  • Haven of peace of four hectares

    Haven of peace of four hectares

  • New modern villa in gated estate

    New modern villa in gated estate

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Past and present of the city of Menton

The town Menton is the westernmost resort town of the French Riviera. It is located between the territory of Monaco and the Italian Riviera. It is a quiet and beautiful amphitheater-style sea view village. The spirit and traditions of authentic European cultures reign here.

A few words from the history of the town.

The exact date of the foundation of the town is unknown. Archaeologists claim that the first settlements appeared here in time immemorial. Until 1848 the town was ruled by Monaco, later it was annexed to France. At the end of the 19th century, luxury villas began to appear in Menton.

Real estate here aroused more and more interest among English and Russian aristocrats. During the Second World War, the Cote d`Azur in France was under bombardment. It was possible to restore Menton only in the 60s. Today it is the pearl of the French Riviera and the citrus capital of the country. Rich and famous families from all over the world dream of buying villas for sale Menton.

Why buying villa in Menton 

What about the real estate? This city will be of interest primarily to those looking for real estate for a quiet holiday. If you buy a house for sale in Menton, you can forget about big hotels, noisy nightlife, office centers, and other premises where large numbers of people gather. At the same time, villas for sale in Menton allow to be 15 minutes away from Monaco, where all the necessary infrastructure is present.

The town, if you do not take into account its northern parts, is located on a gentle hill. This suggests the following: you can buy a villa in Menton with a beautiful view of the sea coast only on the first line; Elite mansions of the second and third lines allow to partially admire the dance of sea waves over the rooftops; a good panoramic view is possible only at a certain distance from the coastline.

Prestige houses in Menton are much cheaper than in other more popular parts of the Côte d'Azur, but the standard of living is high here. The village is surrounded by greenery. Many parks and alleys have been planted here, where it is comfortable to walk along the embankment. Anyone who is interested in selling villas and houses in Menton should contact the Hermitage Riviera real estate agency. The company's employees will offer many options for villas that you can buy or rent.