Apartments for sale in Beausoleil 3 listings

  • Penthouse-duplex renovated overlooking Monaco

    Penthouse-duplex renovated overlooking Monaco

  • Spacious apartment with terrasse view Monaco

    Spacious apartment with terrasse view Monaco

  • Superb apartment with immense terrace and view Monaco

    Superb apartment with immense terrace and view Monaco

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Beausoleil: accommodation in the suburbs of Monaco at French prices

Despite the territorial proximity, the laws on luxury housing in Monaco and in France differ significantly. Many families who are interested in the Cote d`Azur in France are seeking to buy a "second" holiday apartment not in the center of Monaco but in the border areas, for example, in Beausoleil.

Historical summaries of the town. Beausoleil is a commune that neighbors Monaco. Its name is translated from French as “beautiful sun”. Once Beausoleil, Cap-d'Ail, and Roquebrune were La Turbie. In 1904 Beausoleil became a separate town overlooking the sea. Initially, they wanted to call it High Monte Carlo but as a result they chose the name Beausoleil that attracts travellers.

Why buying apartment in Beausoleil 

The city is located on the cliffs of a natural amphitheater in the form of a semicircle, it is formed by a bay and a mountain range. Height above sea level reaches 89 meters. It is often perceived as one of the quarters of Monaco. If you buy an apartment for sale Beausoleil, you can watch the cultural and sports competitions of the Principality from there.

Buying a home in Beausoleil. If we talk about iconic residences for representatives of the bourgeoisie and fans of the Belle Epoque, then this is the Riviera Palace building. After World War II, it was converted into apartments. This symbol of Belle Époque luxury still retains the atmosphere of the interior of a bygone era.

The main reasons to buy an apartment for sale Beausoleil: the town is located near Monaco; you can admire the gorgeous views of the sea coast from the apartment in Beausoleil; the cost of houses remains "French ».

As for the areas close to Monaco, it is difficult to buy flats for sale in Beausoleil in modern residences. Most of the apartments are sold newly renovated. But finding stylish and prestige residences with all the amenities is not easy. This part of the city was built up in the first half of the last century, hence apartments in Beausoleil are not the most modern. Anyone interested in buying sea view apartments in Beausoleil should contact the Hermitage Riviera luxury real estate agency. Experts will help you find the most comfortable apartment to buy or rent.